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Please read our note below about needing to close the farm this season due to the drought in our area.

To our valued customers and friends.....you have made us the place to come to for your Christmas tree, wreaths, Santa, hayrides, and so much more. Without you, we could not have brought this farm back to life and saved open land from development. Thank you from all of us at the farm (humans and animals alike).

With each and every one of you, we have reached over 500 likes on Facebook in a little over two years. I have been told that it is incredible for a farm in that amount of time. When you think of it in a different way, you did this in less than six months as we are only open part of October, November, and part of December, and we have only owned the farm for three seasons. This number is only Facebook, there are hundreds more that have emails with us and come just for the fun. Thank you for helping us reach our 500th milestone.

Words cannot describe what it means to listen to the stories, the positive comments, meeting so many great people, the kids with Santa, the Marshmallow faces on the little ones, and most of all to be a part of your Christmas. I mean this, so many people have said to us we are part of their family tradition. We want to be!

We do not want this to change. Some things in farming, little did I know, change whether you want them to or not. For example, the drought in our area we have all encountered this summer and so far this Fall.

So we don't ruin up a good thing, we have decided to close the farm this year. We cannot guarantee a fresh cut tree as so many of our customers have come to expect. Just as in my remodeling business, the customer will always be satisfied, it is that simple. I do not feel comfortable selling a product that may not satisfy the customer…you. The trees look fine, although I feel the trees may have not taken in enough water and the needles may fall off prematurely. We are currently looking into an irrigation system for the farm to help eliminate this problem. I am glad to say we planted over 400 Fraser seedlings this spring and the survival rate has been excellent, they were watered almost every other week.
There are things in life that mean more to us than profits; you, our customer.
We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause and hope to see you all in 2016. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Even if you're not spending a lot for Christmas this year, you can still come and enjoy a working Christmas Tree farm and begin or continue a fun holiday tradition!

We have fresh cut trees, trees you can cut yourself, wreaths made right here at the farm, camp fires, photos with Santa, wagon rides around our farm, and wreath making! Everything you need for a wonderful family adventure!

Visit our Barn for gifts made by local artisans, such as maple syrup, honey, snowmen, unique ornaments, and more!!

Come and visit our farm and start your holidays right! We look forward to seeing you!

  • Tag and cut, and pre-cut Christmas trees are available around Thanksgiving. Check our calendar for when pre-cuts are available.
  • Handmade farm wreaths, with a bow, start at only $9.95. We also have a large selection of decorated and undecorated wreaths to choose from.
  • We are continuing with OUR SPECIAL - Free wreath with a bow for every Pre-cut tree you purchase - our way of wishing you a Merry Christmas!
  • Like us on Facebook! You will be notified of specials and special events at the farm throughout the year and first to know when our pre-cit trees are available!

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